Using the Financial Statements to perform Financial Analyses on the Organization


Write a 2–3 page report using the financial statements from last week’s assignment and perform the following financial analyses on the organization:

Calculate and interpret key financial ratios:
Liquidity (current ratio, collection period, days cash-on-hand, average payment period)
Profitability (operating margin (%), total margin (%), return on net assets (%)
Asset efficiency (total asset efficiency, age of plant (years), fixed asset turnover, current asset turnover, inventory turnover)
Capital structure (net asset financing [%], long-term debt to capitalization, debt service coverage, cash flow to debt [%])

Provide comparisons to industry averages or to a competitor and provide comments
Provide recommendations to improve financial performance
Attach exhibits and charts to the appendices section of your report to support your analysis

Your report should be 2–3 pages in length and follow APA formatting. You have a choice in how you format this assignment see examples A and B below.

Example A: Paragraph-based Report

Example B: Table-based Report (If you choose this format, you must provide analysis, observations, etc. underneath each table.)

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