reflections on your research process

Key points to note:

Get a research diary/journal which you will use to write your weekly reflections on your research process as well as any take home tasks we give you during the seminars. This can be a regular note book but it must be used solely for your research unit.

This week we are looking at abstracts and how they are relevant to your literature search. We used the example on page 6 and 7 of the slides to look at how to decide if an abstract is relevant in answering your research question. The issue under investigation here is mental health, criminality and young people in the UK. Using the questions contained in the abstract exercise which can be found in the folder on BREO (seminars week 2), we were able to determine the relevance of the article.

Try doing this on your own and then attempt the abstract exercise using at least one of the abstracts from the list of ten given in your research diary. If you have time, try using an abstract that is linked to your topic as well.

We also looked at choosing a topic. You will need to choose a topic for your research for this year. It does not have to be what you do for your final project next year so do not get stuck on this. Email either Nenadi, Min or Joana if you need further help.

The last thing we looked at was writing an introduction. We are assuming that you have your topic and you will need to read through the leaflet from the PAD team on writing an introduction which is also in the folder for the week. Your task for next week is to write your introduction and bring to the seminar session. This is not an introduction to your portfolio for an introduction to your literature review.

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