Assessment Guidance

Assessment Guidance

Cover Page:

This should include;

  • the student’s ID number
  • the name of the module
  • the date of submission
  • the final word count (only of the essay, not including the cover page, bibliography and the appendices)

The assignment follows an essay structure. There are 4 sections and each section should contain relevant paragraphs. The number of paragraphs in each section will depend on the word count and your own preference for subject division. There is a suggested layout for each section below, with separate colours denoting a single paragraph.

Section 1 – Career Goals

The suggested layout is as follows;

  • Initial sentence to introduce three career choices.
  • Brief explanation of why two of these choices are not suitable for you.
  • Explanation of your personal motivation for your preferred choice.
  • An investigation of this chosen career as suggested in assignment brief.

Section 2 – Current Reality

The suggested layout is as follows;

  • Explanation of your current career. (Or most relevant previous post)
  • Strengths analysis as suggested in the assignment brief.
  • Analysis of weaknesses as suggested in the assignment brief.
  • An explanation of your choice of degree. Why you are studying it and what specifically attracted you to this degree?

Section 3 – Options for Progression

The suggested layout is as follows;

  • A brief reminder of the career you will pursue and the requirements for that career.
  • A discussion of the gaps in your skills/knowledge and experience and how you will address these – Suggestions in assignment brief (Career Zone / Internships).
  • Your LinkedIn profile and the relevance of a professional digital footprint.
  • Opportunities and Threats from SWOT

Section 4 – Way Forward

The suggested layout is as follows;

  • Initial sentence to explain section.
  • Three steps that are SMART related.

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