Assignment Structure

Assignment Structure

Part 3: Options for Progression – Identify and explain any gaps in your skills, experience or knowledge and the steps needed to be taken to close these identified gaps in order to secure your chosen career. REMEMBER, THIS SECTION CARRIES THE BULK OF THE MARKS.

For example: To train as…… I will need to gain some experience of the role, which I can get through the apprenticeship programme starting in June (Hilton Apprenticeship, 2018).

You need to show specific and targeted solutions, which is only possible by showing that you have identified tangible results through research – (ie. Hilton Hotels have an apprenticeship programme that you plan to apply for.)

Identify and explain options that might help you bridge the gap between your current situation and your career aspirations. Factors to consider include:

  • linking back to Part 1 where you identified the requirements and personal specifications of your career choice
  • explaining how you will bridge that gap
  • creating a LinkedIn profile and a sample Network Profile template and assessing its strengths and weaknesses
  • opportunities created through your degree and by the university in terms of the Employability Scheme
  • how resources available on the Career Zone and Digital Library can be used to strengthen your skill set and knowledge.
  • ensure you explain how these options specifically remedy the gaps identified in your skills, experience and knowledge and how they will help you progress professionally.
  • looking at the current opportunities available in your sector and any other opportunities identified in your SWOT
  • explain how you can address the threats identified in your SWOT

This part of the plan should be approximately 600 words and is worth 40 marks.

A. What are they key requirements of the career you identified in Section 1?




Do you have any significant weaknesses in any of these areas (skills, experience or knowledge) ? If yes, how will you address them? Remember, you need to show specific examples of how you will fix these issues.

B. What are the weaknesses that you identified in Section 2, in your SWOT and Ask 5 People, that will need to be addressed for a professional environment (skills, experience or knowledge). Will you have any opportunity to remedy these through your degree or otherwise? Remember, you need to show specific examples of how you will fix these issues.

C. What kind of a digital footprint (Linkedin) do you have professionally? Explain how this aids or hinders your progress.

D. What opportunities have you identified in your industry? This could be through your degree (Internships, Employability Scheme, etc.) or through your own network of contacts.

E. What threats to you succeeding professionally have you identified through your SWOT?

Part 4: Way Forward

Identify three “next steps” that are SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, RELEVANT and TIME BASED.

1. I will contact… University by 10/10/19 and apply for a place at their next Open Day in November. I will prepare some questions to ask to make the most of the opportunity…

2. I will send an email to… within the next two weeks, and confirm… I hope to find out much more about…

3. I will refine my profile and create… by…with the aim of…

This part of the plan should be approximately 150 words and is worth 10 marks.

Part 4: Way Forward

Section 4: Way Forward (Word Count: ____________ / Marks: _________)

You will need to identify three SMART steps that you will use to make sure that you can put a plan in action to achieve your goals. They must be related to the SMART criteria:

S: Specific M: Measurable A: Attainable R: Relevant T: Time based

Step 1: Contact Head Office Regarding Management Training S: Specific M: Measurable A: Attainable R: Relevant T: Time based

The company offers an intern management route to new graduates, so in Year 2 of my degree I will submit an application to the team leader outlining my suitability to be considered for the role. I will know if my degree marks have helped as this was a specific requirement for applying.

Step 2: Complete training on the Microsoft Suite in order to become more attractive to potential employers S: Specific A: Attainable M: Measurable T: Time based R: Relevant

As part of my management dream, I will need to be able to use Excel proficiently. This was identified as one of my weaknesses and I hope to solve this by signing up on the course.The local council runs a one-month course every year for students so I will be signing up for this when the booking system opens in February.

Step 3: Get a high mark on my degree M: Measurable A: Attainable R: Relevant S: Specific

I believe that this is attainable as I have received very good marks on all my assignments and I know I need a 2:1 to apply for the job I want.

Think of three steps that you might be able to use so that you can progress in your career.

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


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