1. write 900 words in MLA format with refrences and quotes.
2.read the instructions in the file attached.
3.please read the six articles are attached below in the file and then check the five questions in the file (final modern art).
4.you have to write quotes from the reading with examples and explaning the quote based on the question. So for each question you should write 2 quotes.
5.please answear the five questions below:
Discuss how the singular action of choice is at the center of Marcel Duchamps logic for his readymades. Though it would seem contrary why cant everything be considered art using this radical definition?
Explain the pedagogical nature of the work by the Russian Constructivists and the Mexican Muralists. What role does the avant-garde play in their compositions and how does Marxism inform their aesthetic choices?
Discuss how the unconscious mind relates to both the creation and reception of Surrealist imagery. How does Andr Breton redefine reality in his manifesto?
Describe the concept of the aura as it relates to traditional art. How does Walter Benjamin use this theory to describe the reception of photography and film by modern audiences?
Discuss the symbol of the the Building as described by Walter Gropius in his vision for the Bauhaus curriculum. What is the relationship between fine art and design in his theories?

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