Which of the following is a function of insoluble fiber only?

Which of the following is a function of insoluble fiber only?

a) Regulating blood sugar

b) Regulating the pH of the body

c) Adding bulk to stool

d) Lowering cholesterol

2. Reduction of absorption of certain minerals is due to the presence of the following:-

a) Insoluble fiber

b) Phytate

c) Soluble fiber

d) None of the mentioned

3. What is the main action of dietary fibers?

a) To ensure proper functioning of the liver

b) To secrete hormones

c) To maintain pH

d) To make changes to how nutrients and chemicals are absorbed

4. Insoluble fibers fasten to bile acid and prevent it from entering the body and hence reduce the cholesterol levels.

a) True

b) False

5. Which of the following sentences is untrue?

a) Free aldehyde or ketone group are called reducing sugars

b) Maltose is a reducing sugar

c) Sucrose is a non-reducing sugar

d) None of the mentioned

6. Reducing sugars help in the food industry in the following way. Which of the given sentences is untrue?

a) They easily dissolve in oil

b) They attach themselves to amino acids and form compounds that affect the color, flavor and other properties of food

c) The reactive group of long chain sugar polymers can form a cross link which forms a basis for edible packaging in the food industry

d) None of the mentioned

7. Sheila has to tell her teacher points as to why sugars are used in the food industry. Following is what she tells. Which point is incorrect?

a) Easily soluble in water and forms syrups, used for their sweetness, they supply energy

b) Form crystals when water is evaporated

c) Fermented by microorganisms and prevent growth of microorganisms

d) None of the mentioned

8. Sheila discovered certain processes in the food industry that pertain to sugars and their properties. Which point is incorrect?

a) Sucrose is recovered from sugar cane juice as sugars crystallize when evaporated

b) The caramel found in chocolate is obtained and gets its color when it is heated. When sugar is heated its properties undergo change and it becomes brown

c) Some of the sugars react with proteins and give a dark color. This reaction is called browning reaction.

d) None of the mentioned

9. Which of the following is incorrect with respect to the advancement in sugar technology?

a) An enzymatic process can convert glucose to fructose which is way sweeter and can be used in making syrups

b) The glucose is first obtained by hydrolyzing corn starch

c) This technology is cheaper

d) None of the mentioned

10. Which is untrue with respect to pectin, a naturally occurring polysaccharide in fruits, in the food industry?

a) It forms the basis for jelly manufacture

b) Pectin + Sugar + Acid = Gel

c) Pectin unstabilizes particles in orange juice and makes them settle down

d) They’re used as thickeners and stabilizers

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