Science 3319- California Geology & Society ( Can you write a 4 pages of The Californian Gold Rush please?

Can you write A 4 pages ofThe Californian Gold Rushthe due ison June 18th please? I have been choosing this topic and I hope you can do it.
The Californian Gold Rush came with many benefits for the economy as well as many negatives for the Environment. The gold rush was positive for California in so many ways but it had a devastating effect on the states environment with many of the negatives being directly related to the gold mining technology. The process of hydraulic mining used caused damage to the environment that was irreplaceable. There were dams constructed in order to provide water to the mines and these dams changed the course of the rivers. The sediments from the hydraulic mining clogged the riverbeds and the lakes and this was a threat to agricultural activities. There were also conflicts between mining and farming and mining. There was also a great deal of wood which was needed by the miners. All this was not much considered during that time as everybody rushed for the gold and nobody remembered about the environment.
Term Paper:
The term paper is to be on a topic of your choice as long as you can relate it to the geology of California or how society has been impacted by the evolution of geologic theories or how society has been affected by a geologic process. Societal impact can include topics such as discovery of gold petroleum and other resources or how geological hazards affect communities. (12 pt font 1 inch margins double spaced not including figures). Since the papers are short I urge you to give thought to them and to cite references (bibliography Consider writing in a memo or editorial format if you wish. Approach this assignment seriously because short papers can be more difficult than you think and the grader will be unforgiving.

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