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Assignment 1

Description Marks out of Wtg(%) Due date
ASSIGNMENT 1 100.00 30.00 24 December 2020

In completing this assignment, you are expected to use available resources such as the practical
activities in the study modules, the Course Study Desk – especially the Discussion Forums
(click the Study Desk link on UConnect – <>), as well as exploring
and experimenting on your own.
Learning objectives and graduate skills tested
This assignment relates to your understanding of domain knowledge about a range of issues relating to
electronic commerce, your ability to analyse and advise stakeholders about technical requirements for
specific business contexts, and to demonstrate your capacity to communicate clearly with stakeholders
a range of options that should be considered by a business in an online environment.
Assignment Requirements
1. Your web design consultancy company has been invited to tender for the design of a
web site for a newly formed business/organization.

This assignment must be your own work. It is acceptable to discuss course content with
others to improve your understanding and clarify requirements, but solutions to assignment
questions must be done on your own. You must not copy from anyone, including tutors and
fellow students, nor allow others to copy your work. All Assignments will be checked usin
collusion monitoring tools to ensure that each assignment is the original work of the
submitting student. Assignments that do not adhere to this requirement will be deemed as
being the result of collusion or plagiarism. This may lead to severe academic penalties as
outlined in USQ Policy Library: Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure. It is your own
responsibility to ensure the integrity of your work. Refer to the USQ Policy Library for more
• Academic Integrity Policy
• Academic Integrity Procedure

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2. As part of the tender process you are required to present a proposal to the
management team of the company.
3. If your proposal is eventually accepted, you will be asked to develop a prototype of
your design in WordPress in Assignment 2.
4. The client’s business category/model will be supplied to you via email in the first
week of the semester.
5. Your design proposal MUST address the specific and unique needs of the business
category/model you have been assigned. You are also required to ensure that both
your Assignments 1 and 2 meet the criteria to be classed within, and is directly related
to, the business category assigned to you. Failure to do so will result in your
assignments being rejected and NO MARKS will be allocated to them.
6. You have been asked to do some preliminary research into the needs of the company
and then demonstrate your capabilities and what you and your company can offer.
7. Your company has been told from the outset that the website must incorporate a
highend and responsive web design that provides a great user experience while
creating an atmosphere of trust and professionalism.
8. You sent the management of the business a questionnaire and interviewed them for
more information about the project and their requirements.
9. You analysed the information they provided and promised to send them a proposal in
the next few days.
10. Prepare a professional web design and development proposal in the form of a
PowerPoint presentation (25-30 slides) that will inform and impress the client.
11. Include speaker’s notes for each slide, as well as images, graphics, tables,
animations,etc. where appropriate.
12. Do not include citations in your slides. Place all your sources of reference on your final
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The business model for your assignment is:
The company sells baby goods and products and provides an advisory service to parents
PLEASE NOTE: ZERO marks will be allocated to these assignments if they do not address or
are considered not to be directly related to the business model and category above.
Presentation Guidelines
Your PowerPoint presentation slides should include (but are not confined to):
• Title
• Table of contents
• Preliminary research findings o Demonstrate that you know the client and you
understand what they want. This is the first step in appealing to the client’s individual
• Your capabilities o Present your capabilities by referring back to the client’s needs
and state your relevant experience.
o Provide previous examples/references
• Major components o Web Design
▪ Overall design strategy
▪ Site name registration
▪ Site design, features and functionalities
▪ Content Management System
▪ Major web technologies used ▪ Etc.
o Web promotion, SEO and analytics o Website maintenance
• Costs and deliverables o Provide cost and deliverable information based on the
information you have.
o Propose a detailed timeline for the work.
• Contact information
• Q&A
• Conclusion
• References
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Submission Guidelines
Attach the PowerPoint file using the naming convention below, to your online assignment submission
in the Assignment 1 area on the CIS1101 StudyDesk before midnight Australian Eastern Standard
Time (AEST) on the day the assignment is due.
[lastname] / [initial] _ [student number] _ [course code] _ assign1.pptx
eg. sellob_00900001_cis1101_assign1.pptx
Upon completion of the submission process, check your uConnect email account for an automatically
generated confirmation email (if you do not have an email account, print out the Submission Complete
screen before exiting the Submission System). You must check that the file name and file size are listed
correctly – if there is a problem with either, please email the course examiner immediately.
Please note that:
• The following is the USQ Assessment – Assignment (Late Submission) and Compassionate
and Compelling Circumstances procedure that relate to Extensions and Late Assignments.
They can be found under the following links:

▪ Assessment – Assignment (Late Submission) Procedure:
▪ Assessment of Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances Procedures:

• Students seeking extensions for any Assignment work must provide appropriate documentation
to support their request before the due date of the assignment (see points 4.3 and 4.4 in the
Assessment of Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances Procedures above to see what is
considered as Compassionate and Compelling reason for an extension and the level of
documentation that will be needed).
• An Assignment submitted after the due date without an approved extension of time will be
penalised. The penalty for late submission is a reduction by five percent (5%) of the maximum
Mark applicable for the Assignment, for each University Business Day or part Business Day
that the Assignment is late. An Assignment submitted more than ten (10) University Business
Days after the due date will have a Mark of zero recorded for that Assignment.
▪ The StudyDesk Assignments submission tool will accept late assignments up until
23:55pm on the 10th University Business Day after the due date.

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