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Hello i need a Good and Positive Comment related with this argument .A paragraph with no more 90 words.
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Center for Disease Prevention and Control came up with Clean Hands Count Campaign which offers training for healthcare providers. May 5th is World Hygiene Day. Hand hygiene is now regarded as one of the most important element of infection control activities. In the wake of the growing burden of health care associated infections (HCAIs) the increasing severity of illness and complexity of treatment superimposed by multi-drug resistant (MDR) pathogen infections health care practitioners (HCPs) are reversing back to the basics of infection preventions by simple measures like hand hygiene. This is because enough scientific evidence supports the observation that if properly implemented hand hygiene alone can significantly reduce the risk of cross-transmission of infection in healthcare facilities (HCFs).
Checking of gastric residual is another evidence based practice that helps prevent or reduce risk for aspiration pneumonia. Patients with G-tube feeding that is not digesting fast enough would be at risk for aspiration.
Center for Disease Prevention and Control (2017. Hand hygiene in healthcare settings.
Retrieved on 04/17/2017 from https://www.cdc.gov/handhygiene/campaign

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