Animal Rights essay

Animal Rights
Janelle McCain
University of Phoenix
ENG/200: Rhetoric and Research
Dec 14th, 2020
Lisa Harris-Overstreet
Animal Rights
The narrative that animals do not deserve the same rights as human beings have to
stop, which has to be changed by supporting animal rights. In support of animal rights, the
key aspect is to understand what it entails. Since childhood, I have followed up and interestingly
developed concern about animal rights, considering how human beings treated animals with a lot
of cruelty. Despite opposing positions, animal rights are fundamental in today’s society. People
should learn to value animals and treat them with the respect they deserve regardless of their
inability to communicate with humans.
Why Animal Rights?
Animals deserve their animal rights. I support this position because animals are not a
necessity for human nutrition. Animal brutality still occurs in the modern world and should
completely cease. Moreover, animal rights should be used to protect animals’ welfare, just as
human beings are protected by their welfare.
I read the article in the university library on animal rights, “F.D.A Shuts down Study after
Monkey Subjects Die (Kaplan, 2018).” The article was about how four squirrel monkeys death,
which prompted an investigation from the F.D.A. The company conducting the research started
with 24 monkeys, but four had died by the summer’s end. The F.D.A. shut down the studies and
investigated the animals’ treatment there and found several things wrong. After the investigation,
the study was ended. This issue contributed strongly to choose animal rights for my research
Suppose there were higher beings than humans with better intelligence, who treated
humans with cruelty just like they do to animals; how could the world be? Therefore, animal
rights should be a non-contested area of concern, but instead, all bodies in charge should support
policies that support human rights. “To understand what animal protection organizations are
seeking to improve the factory farms, it is neccessary to distinguish between two different types
cruelty—systemic cruelty and egregious cruelty” (Maerz et al., 2020, pp. 140-141).
Other than cruelty, animals face a wide range of issues that need to be addressed. They
include obesity, genetic and breeding issues, poor nutrition, and lack of animal socialization,
overbreeding, and anthropomorphism (Endenburg et al., 2020). Among many others, these are
but a few that describe the hardships faced by an animal in the hands of a caretaker who does not
value human rights.
Like the article of interest used for this research where four monkeys die while being
used for research, more other parties of interest involve animals, especially primates, for
scientific research. Therefore, much attention is still needed to address the issue of animals being
used for scientific research since most of them do not observe these animals’ rights. Animal
oppression feels just like human oppression and, therefore, should be treated as an urgent topic
without any form of underestimation.
Animal Laws
Laws protecting animals in research have been published in various countries. In
Britain, the parliament agreed on the first set of policies that protect animals, which was
in 1876, accompanied by “the Cruelty to Animals Act (Ferdowsian & Beck, 2011).”
Years later, the American government also adopted the same policies for use and came
up with a further “Laboratory Animal Welfare Act.” Were animals protected to the best
of ability? “Up to the passage of the PACT ACT, federal laws only prohibited specific
forms of animal cruelty, such as dogfighting and cockfighting” (Estrella et al., 2020, para.
Animal rights is not a new topic in the market since Russell and Burch published their
book on animal rights. Therefore, efforts to end the regime of animal cruelty should be massive
to objectively develop better policies and acts that support animal rights.
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