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Vice Principal (STEM/Math) Interview Preparation: Data Project
Thank you for your interest in joining the IP family! Congratulations on making it to the next step of the
interview process: the performance task. As the Vice Principal of STEM you will also serve as an
Instructional Coach to the STEM (Science and Math) department. In this role, you will analyze
assessment data to lead and guide instructional planning towards making significant data gains. Below is
a project that will help us assess your abilities on a key component of the role. Please email us with any
questions and make note of the due date included via email as well.
Our second round of Math ANET scores are in. Analyze the data below, which school-level leaders
analyze after each testing round, and create a set of priorities to share with other members of the
school-level leadership team of what you think the leadership team should prioritize before the next
round of testing. These priorities should be in order of importance, and should include criteria of success
for each priority that will help you and your team know the priorities are being adequately addressed or
solved completely.
Data Sets:
Q2 Academic Data
Please reference the ANET Round 2 Analysis Guide as you see fit.
● Data Analysis for LTeam
● 6-week STEM focus and rationale before ANET Round 3
○ Please reference the ANET Round 3 Analysis Guide and Assessment as you see fit.
● Data Analysis for Leadership Team that includes the following:
● Criteria for Success for focus standards for teachers
● Answers to the following questions:
○ What trends do you see? Strengths? Areas for growth?
○ What standards are the highest leverage standards on which to focus?
○ How will your History teachers support your ELA teachers in these next 6 weeks?
○ How will teachers, students, and leaders monitor progress toward success?
○ What outcomes (and intervals/benchmarks) will you be looking for? And, what
intervention strategies will you use with teachers if the outcomes are not met?

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