Parkinson’s Disease essay


This is the development of Part 1 of the Disease Process Presentation. It entails students exploring the pathophysiology of the assigned disease to fully understand how it progresses from the initial cellular injury to the eventual defect in the tissue, organ and system functioning
Introduce the disease with a brief definition and description.
Discuss the Risk Factors and the connection to the Etiology of the initial injury to the cell/tissue/organ.
Show the progression from the initial injury to the defect in the tissue, organ and system functioning.
Discuss health care provider implications for prevention of the disease.
Provide a summary slide that highlights main points presented.
Reference slide and in-text citations depict references correctly cited according to APA.

Format Criteria: No more than 8-10 slides including reference slide.

The presentation should include a PowerPoint presentation that contains detailed speaker notes.
The presentation contain main heading slides that address the assignment criteria listed above.
The presentation should contain appropriate evidence to support the information presented per APA format.
Slides should be used as cues to topics and key concepts without lengthy sentences and paragraphs
The presentation should contain a reference slide with all sources written in APA format
All font types, size, and color should be the same throughout the presentation
The Title slide should contain: student name, course, professor and title of the presentation
Avoid putting too much information in the slides. Use bullets to highlight main points and then use speaker notes to provide more specifics related to the slide content
The use of pictures and figures are encouraged, however, avoid overcrowding the slides with pictures and figures

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