Planning for Data Collection

Planning for Data Collection
Data collection is an important part of both quantitative and qualitative research. Although the actual approach to gathering information may vary for either research design researchers need to plan in advance how the data will be gathered reported and stored and they need to ensure that their methods are both reliable and valid. As nurses review research when considering a new evidence-based practice it is important to be familiar with sound collection practices in order to ascertain the credibility of the data presented.
Consider the following scenario:
Nurses and other health care professionals are often interested in assessing patient satisfaction with health care services. Imagine that you are a nurse working in a suburban primary care setting that serves 10000 patients annually. Your organization is very interested in understanding the patients point of view to help determine areas of care that can be improved. With this focus in mind consider how you would create a survey to assess patient satisfaction with the services your organization provides. You may wish to consider variables such as the ease of accessing care patient wait time friendliness of the staff or the likelihood that a patient would recommend your organization to others.
For this Discussion you generate questions and an overall plan for data collection that would be appropriate for a patient satisfaction survey in relation to the above scenario.
To prepare:
Post the questions that you created for gathering information about patient satisfaction based on the above scenario. Explain which method or instrument you would use to gather data. Describe the sample size appropriate for the population and how you would select participants. Provide a rationale for your choices and explain how you can ensure high standard of reliability and validity.
Required Readings
Polit D. F. & Beck C. T. (2017). Nursing research: Generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice (10th ed.). Philadelphia PA: Wolters Kluwer.
This chapter introduces key concepts concerning sampling in quantitative research. This includes such concepts as a description of populations different types of sampling and their uses and how to determine a manageable yet sufficient number to be included in a sample. The chapter also includes suggestions for implementing a sampling plan.
Once a sampling design is complete the next step is to collect the data and this is the focus of Chapter 13. The chapter describes how to develop a data collection plan and provides information about the different types of instruments that can be used such as structured observation and biophysiologic measures.
The focus of this chapter is on the sampling process in qualitative research. The chapter describes the different types of sampling and when they are commonly used. Sampling techniques in the three main qualitative traditions (ethnography phenomenological studies and grounded theory studies) are highlighted.
This chapter examines the process of data collection in qualitative research as well as key issues surrounding data collection. This includes such methods as self-reporting surveys interviews and personal journal keeping. The chapter also highlights important considerations when utilizing unstructured observations to gather data and how to record field notes.
Keough V. A. & Tanabe P. (2011). Survey research: An effective design for conducting nursing research. Journal of Nursing Regulation 1(4) 3744. Copyright 2011 by Elsevier Science & Technology Journals. Used with permission of Elsevier Science & Technology Journals via the Copyright Clearance Center.
This text emphasizes the advantages of survey research. The authors describe the nuances of survey research projects including their design methods analysis and limitations.
Walden University. (n.d.a.). Paper templates. Retrieved July 23 2012 from
This resource provides you access to the School of Nursing Sample Paper which will serve as a template for formatting your papers.

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