Teamwork Essay


Teamwork Essay

Introduction (1st paragraph)

Define a type / example of teamwork
Focus on a task / job / situation from your experience or understanding – teamwork benefits in work, school, sports, or family are potential topics.
Establish a thesis / objective / focus for your essay to accomplish

Analysis / Evidence / Examples (2nd & 3rd paragraphs)

Explain one or two examples of teamwork “in action”/ how it works –
One paragraph for each example, provide detail and practical value.
Illustrate / Explain how & why teamwork pays off and is important & more productive.

Conclusion / Recommendation (4th & 5th paragraphs)

Connect evidence to examples – How teamwork benefits “add up.”
Explain how & why “teamwork works better / accomplishes more” in a practical recommendation which is an “action item.”

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