Do schools kill creativity? assignment


Research Proposal

For the first step of the research project, compose a one-page research proposal.

In your proposal, include the following items:

The title and speaker of the TED Talk that inspired your research topic and question.
One paragraph that explains your interest in or connection to the topic.
One paragraph that includes the following:
Your research topic and question. Remember to focus the question so that it is not too broad nor too narrow.
Possible search terms you might use to guide your research.
Make sure that your topic is one that will hold your interest over the next few weeks. Research is more fun when the topic is enjoyable and engaging for you!

Format: Typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font

Save your document as a .docx or .rtf file, and be sure to include your name (for example, Smith_Research Proposal.rtf).

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