Journal 18

To create an effective healthcare organization there must be effective leaders. To be the most effective leader you can be you must continually be observing and learning new leadership skills and techniques. One way to observe and learn is to keep a work journal of leadership lessons into which you can make entries each day or week. You might even choose to write leadership lessons learned in a notebook then type them out later in the day or week. For this assignment create your own Work Journal of Leadership Lessons Learned. Create as many entries as you want and have your entries be alphabetized by topic for example if you chose to write on Accountability and leadership lessons you have learned there that topic would come before Communication techniques learned. Your journal must be at least 400 words in length and submitted as a word document. There is no APA requirement for this assignment since these will be your words in your journal. You can have as many journal entries in this document as you want but you are only required to submit a minimum of 400 words. If you write on one topic for 400 words that is fine or you can choose multiple topics. Based on your observations and lessons you have learned there are hundreds of leadership topics you might choose for a journal entry. For example see the unit lecture on the topics under Formula for Success or the topics under Effective People & Leadership Skills. Redact any personal names from your journal entry. If you want to speak of someone just speak generally (a manager you reported to an employee who reported to you etc.). Also redact any workplace identifiers (names of workplaces can be mentioned in generalities). You are encouraged to continue to use the Work Journal as a tool and working document for yourself adding to it your observations and lessons learned. These leadership observations can come from things you have seen done well or not done well and they can be things you have observed in others or in yourself. This Work Journal of alphabetized topics will help you see where you have been and will force continual observation and learning. The act of writing things down in a journal helps us be observant and it helps us to remember and to learn better so we can be effective leaders

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