Discussion essay

Students are to submit a 300 word (minimum) original reflection discussion board post on The Set-Up-to-Fail Syndrome by Jean-Francois Manzoni and Jean-Louis Barsoux from the On Managing People text. Original posts are due day 3 of each week. The original post must address EACH of the following questions in separate paragraphs:

After reading the article, briefly summarize the key points, concepts, strategies, lessons learned, etc.
What did you learn about yourself?
What did you learn about human nature?
How can you apply what you learned to the course topic?
Students are to submit two response posts (to different students) consisting of 150 words each (minimum). The responses must be respectful and they must seek to affirm and/or challenge the position of the original post. The goal of this exercise is to create dialogue that will challenge students to think critically, express their positions, challenge and/or support the position of others, listen to others, and enhance the overall learning experience. All response posts are due on day 7 of each week.

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