Planning Ahead

Select two health careers that you have learned about in this course (the lesson is attached for your review). For this Essay, I am choosing Forensics and Biotechnology.  Research the careers and determine what type of preparation is required for each career. Select the career that interests you the most.  For this Essay, I am most interested in Biotechnology Research & Development (artificial limbs).

You will create a product that does the following:

  • Explains the general responsibilities of both careers and discuss why you selected the one you decided to focus on
  • Discusses what education and certifications are required to work in this field
  • Researches some college programs and describe what types of college courses are required for this type of program
  • Researches the courses available in your high school. Describe a four-year plan of study that would help you prepare for the career you selected. I do know at my high school we have a Biomedical Science class.

For the essay: Create a long-range life plan. You may do so in the form of a chart. You may arrange the chart as you wish. One idea would be to arrange it by year. The chart would include the steps you need to take to meet your goal. Your goal will be to obtain a job in the field you have selected. This will be a detailed plan. Make sure you include all of the required information.

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