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Project: Group Presentation on Nursing Theorist
Overview of the Project
This course project requires you to complete a group task. As a group you are required to submit a presentation on the theorist assigned to your group. Your final presentation is due in Week 4.
Group Formation
You will be organized into three groups each of which will be assigned a nursing theorist. The theorists to be studied include but are not limited to Madeline LeiningerTranscultural Nursing Theory Nola Pender; the Health Promotion Model and Patricia Benner; From Novice to Expert the Skill Acquisition ModelIf your group would like to study a different theorist seek permission from your instructor. Each group will conduct a literature review to obtain material related to the assigned theorist and the model. The material should include research conducted in the theory or model with clinical examples.
Click here to download a document that provides guidelines for the literature review.
Project Deliverables
The Project Deliverables include the following:
1. Packet of Materials
Each group will prepare a packet of materials that will be posted to the DQ section in Week 4 for peer critique and submitted to the W4: Assignment 2 Dropbox. The purpose of this packet is to support your PowerPoint Presentation. The packet should include a detailed outline of the presentation and a one-page summary of each of the five relevant articles on or about the theory. Also include any handouts such as charts diagrams or definitions which will facilitate understanding of the PowerPoint presentation and the theory itself. This packet should be submitted as a single document that contains the outline summaries and any additional handouts charts etc.
2. Power Point Presentation
Presentations will be made via PowerPoint and will be uploaded by the assigned due date.
Your presentation should have:
Click hereto download the Theory Critique template.
Please note: It is expected that each one of you will download and read each presentation and will include relevant material about each theorist in your individual concept papers.
Working Ahead
In Week 1 your group will be assigned the theorist on whom you have to make the presentation. Your final group presentation is due in Week 4. However it is recommended that in Week 2 you submit the work you have done on the project up to that point to the facilitator when necessary. The facilitator feedback will help you revise and refine the work already completed and apply the facilitator recommendations to the yet-to-be completed part of the project.
For ease of completion it is suggested that in Week 1 you begin your literature search on the theorist and provide a brief overview of the theorist’s background. You could also complete a 1-page summary for each of the five articles related to the theory and theorist the top of the page should have the complete reference in APA format. In Week 2 you can focus on providing your findings on the theorist’s view of the four basic metaparadigms . In Week 3 you can concentrate on providing the basic theoretical assertions or propositions and you can conduct an analysis and a critique of the model with a focus on elaboration of the theory’s implications for nursing practice nursing education and nursing research. Click here to download the Peer Presentation Review Checklist Template.
Members of the group will be graded collectively. Grading of the presentation of the theory/conceptual model will be based on the following scale for each element:

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