A. An ICD can perform all of the following functions .

a. pacing to treat bradycardia.

b. overdrive

pacing or cardioversion to treat ventricular tachycardia.

c. delivering internal defibrillation to the ventricle to treat ventricular


d. pacing both the right and left ventricles to resynchronize an

asynchronous heartbeat.

These questions refer to the case history at the beginning of the chapter.

B. The paramedics used what type of pacemaker to increase the patient’s heart rate?

a. Transcutaneous

b. Transvenous

c. Internal

d. Epicardial

C. The cardiologist has ordered the implantation of a(n)

a. implantable cardioverter-defibrillator.

b. biventricular pacemaker.

c. transvenous pacemaker.

d. permanent pacemaker.

D.  Describe the uses for the 12-lead ECG.

2. With lead I, the __________ lead wire is the positive electrode.

a. LL

b. RA

c. LA

d. RL

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