Unipolar system

A.  With a ventricular pacemaker, the pacing spike is followed by a

a. normal P wave.

b. broad P wave and normal QRS complex.

c. broad QRS complex.

d. narrow QRS complex.

B.  In a unipolar system, the positive electrode

a. produces short pacemaker spikes.

b. is positioned in the heart tissue while the negative electrode is connected

to the pulse generator.

c. has two electrodes that are only millimeters apart in the cardiac tissue.

d. is attached to myocardial epicardium.

C.  Describe how firing of a dual-chamber pacemaker appears on the ECG.

D.  Failure to capture can be recognized by

a. the presence of pacemaker spikes that are not followed by

P waves or by broad QRS complexes.

b. an absence of pacemaker spikes in the presence of a heart rate that is

slower than the rate set for the pacemaker.

c. ECG pacemaker spikes that fall where they shouldn’t.

d. a tachycardia with a pacemaker spike preceding each QRS complex

on the EGG.

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