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Read: Chapter 1 Identifying a Research Topic

Read: Chapter 2 Reviewing the Literature

Textbook: Ruth M. Tappen. (2015). Nursing Research. Advanced Nursing Research: From Theory to Practice. (2nd ed.). ISBN-13: 9781284048308. ISBN-10: 1284048306. Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

Based on your readings from Chapters one and two from your course text. What type of research topic would be of interest to you? Elaborate on factors that motivated you and what are you seeking?

The Topic I select is Depression. please make your answer is according to the topic I selected. Also for this assignment I’m asking for 250 words. APA edition 7. Plagarism free. I’m asking also to use the textbook. Due date: January 13 @ 9:00pm. Please be on time.

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