Restore Justice – Chapter 1 essay

Required textbook: Wormer, K. & Walker, L. (2013). Restorative Justice Today.

Please use APA format. No plagiarism nor similarities please.

Your post should be in paragraph form.

Chapter 1

Review the various definitions for the term “Restorative Justice.” Develop and present a comprehensive definition.
What are the three basic questions that are asked in a Retributive Justice framework?
What are the three basic questions that are asked in a Restorative Justice framework?
What is the “threefold concern” of Restorative Justice?
Explain why the author of Chapter 1 avoid using the terms “victim” and “offender.”
Explain the terms “Restorative Practice” and “Restorative Living.”
DISCUSSION: Identify a professional setting in which the principles of Restorative Justice can be used. Explain how. Be through in your Discussion.

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