Short Essay

1. Why does the “Hawthorne Effect” induce people to become more effective? How have you seen the “Hawthorne Effect” at work in your own life? For example, do you increase your number of responses in an online course if an online instructor responds to your work in the discussions? Why or why no.
2. Why are there so many job analysis methods? What criteria determine which evaluation technique is better?
3. What are some of the critical issues involved in affirmative action? How might affirmative action be improved? After reading the GCU Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work, how might a Christian approach affirmative action and hiring practices?
4. What are the differences between a structured interview and an unstructured interview? How does the degree of structure affect the reliability and validity of employment interviews?

*Use scholarly work
*Each question should have a References with Permalink a Most
*No Dot Com
*Prepare this assignment in the APA Style Guide.
*Words 180 and up for each question

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