The Reality Of Slavery

Thoroughly read the articles “U. S. Slavery: Timeline, Figures & Abolition” (Links to an external site.) and “Married Slaves Faced Wrenching Separations, or Even Choosing Family over Freedom” (Links to an external site.)as well as “Nat Turner” (Links to an external site.) on the very credible site
Watch all videos and photo galleries.
Reflect what you learned about the reality of slavery, especially in the South. How much of this information did you learn in school? How much of this information have you seen in the media?
How do you feel, now, about how this life impacts African Americans today and us, and you, as well.
This reflection is important. Go into details about how what you have learned applies to you, us, others, in current times.
GOAL: To apply information from various sources to our lives today. For more information on The Reality Of Slavery read this:

The Reality Of Slavery

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