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What view do contemporary psychologists have about: (a) the genetic basis for the need to form an…February 17, 2021After Listening To The Podcast On Cows And Mexico Discuss The Concept Of Comparative Advantage And How It Relates 19761601February 17, 2021Come up with a divide and conquer algorithm for the followingscenario: You are studying different types of rocks on an island. Thereare MANY different types of rocks, but we are guaranteed that ofthe “N” rocks on the island, there exists a majority type. Morespecifically, we are guaranteed that there exists a quantitystrictly greater than N/2 rocks of a single type. We have access to a method called isTheSame(rock1, rock2)returning true if the rocks are of the same type, false otherwise.We must use this method in the following problem as our sole meansfor comparison between two rocks. As an example of desiredfunctionality: If rock type A is in fact the majority and in somearray we have rocks 1,4,5,6, qualifying as typeA we can return anyone of those rocks’ numbers at the end of the algorithm to indicatethat this rock’s type is indeed the majority. The task is as follows: a) Design a deterministic divide and conquer algorithm that usesO(nlog(n) calls to isTheSame that returns a rock the belongs to themajority type. Explain in english and provide pseudocode for thisalgorithm. b) Explain why we make O(nlog(n)) calls to isTheSame. c) Prove using induction why this algorithm is correct includinga hypothesis, base case, inductive step and conclusion. . . . “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Get Expert Help at an Amazing Discount!”  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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