Distinguish Differences between States in a Federal System such as Australia is

The novel is available on Kindle:
Kim Scott, That Deadman Dance, Bloomsbury, 2012, 368 pp. (Kindle)

Clearly based on the assigned reading, touch on these topics making use of specific references to the novel:

Distinguish differences between states in a federal system such as Australia is.
Review what makes the Aboriginal experience in Australia unique.
Identify the grounds for secessionism that breaks away from an independent state, whether on moral grounds or policy differences.
Explain Kim Scott’s juxtaposition of the two characters who represent native culture and customs on the one hand and white colonist society on the other as they increasingly confront each other.
Speculate about the differences in values between the Noongar people Scott writes about and other cultural groups.
Give your own appraisal of the character of the nineteenth-century whaling industry.
Depict how Americans are portrayed in Scott’s novel.


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