Divorce Marriage During The Pandemic

Students will complete one 3-5 page paper in APA style outlining a research topic for their Research Project.
Your paper should include the following:

1. Introduction paragraph(s) (at least 1 paragraph) explaining the research topic

2. Literature review of the research topic. You must include at least 5 references in your literature review. These must be references from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. Refer to the link below on how to write a literature review.

3. Summary paragraph(s) (at least 1 paragraph) outlining a general research question that you will develop more fully in HSRV 306.

4. Include a Reference list for everything you have cited. See the link below for an example of a Reference list in APA style

Your paper must be in APA style with headings and a title page, BUT for this course you do NOT need an abstract.

Be sure to use Spell Check/Grammar check before submitting your paper. Points will be deducted for grammar and spelling issues.


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