Review Ch. 1, “Business Driven Technology,” Case, “The World is Flat – Thomas Friedman,” of Business Driven Technology.
Complete the following Skillsoft courses:
Thinking Like a CFO: Mind-set and Financial Priorities
Thinking Like a CFO: Making Financial Decisions
Thinking Like a CFO: Preparing and Presenting a Business Case
Thinking Like a CFO: Managing Risk
Capital Budgeting: The Capital Budgeting Process
Capital Budgeting: Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return
Capital Budgeting: Discounted Payback Period and Profitability Index
Capital Budgeting: Capital Allocation
IT Strategy Essentials: Business and IT Strategy Alignment
IT Strategy Essentials: Creating and IT Strategy Plan
IT Strategy Essentials: Implementing and IT Strategy
Create a series of diagrams with text-based comments based on Friedman’s assessment, and justify whether you agree or not. What effect does a flat world have for a person looking for a job? What could you do to prepare yourself for competing in a flat world? Include other flatteners not mentioned in Friedman’s list.
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