You will choose a brand from the list provided which you can find and collect brand-related…

Capital Budgeting Video Thinking about capital investment proposals Sunk costs & Opportunity…February 18, 2021Problem 3 (Cost-sensitive classification). Suppose you face a binary classificationprob- lem with inFebruary 18, 2021You will choose a brand from the list provided which you can find and collect brand-related information (e.g. advertisements, news/business articles, and websites). After careful analysis of the brand’s target market segment(s) and current marketing practices, you must then describe the areas in which the use of 2 (maximum 3) consumer behaviour theories/concepts have been applied to market the chosen brand by the company/organisation. The key is to identify how the company marketing the chosen brand are attempting to influence, modify or impact the consumers’ decision-making and behaviour using specific consumer behaviour theory. You must reinforce your discussion with clear evidence (i.e. scholarly articles) that support, explain and critique consumer behaviour theory within the brand information that you have collected.Report developmentYou must do two things in order to successfully complete the report. First, you must become familiar with the various consumer behaviour theories and concepts covered in the unit and choose and critically discuss 2 (or 3) specific theories and/or concepts that are later linked to a practical case of how a company uses them to market its product/service brand. Second, you must analyse and critique the actions of this particular brand and recognise when these actions illustrate the use of a consumer behaviour theory and concepts. This requires extensive research and analysis into the brand. A deep understanding of the chosen brand is required so that you can identify how consumer behaviour concepts have been applied in its marketing. “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Get Expert Help at an Amazing Discount!”  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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