(1990) AT&T telephone lines went dead across the country…

RFebruary 19, 2021Write a report on current trends on technological innovation and disruptive technologies…. 1 answer below »February 19, 2021 Essay about this topic: Dan Walnycky: (1990) AT&T telephone lines went dead across the country for 9 hours.  Choose a bug, accident or disaster from the attached list. • Use the internet to research the problem. • Explain what happened in a 4–5-page paper. • Include some sort of graphical documentation and a bibliography that lists all sources (online or not). • Format: Times font, 12 point, 1-inch margins, single spaced. Leave a blank line between paragraphs. Use section headings, paragraph headings (boldface) and bulleted lists to organize your work. Analyze the Facts An analysis covers the effects (or possible effects) of the incident and the reasons it happened. This part should be one to two pages. • Who: Name all parties involved (victims and those at fault) and describe their roles. • What was the direct cause of the problem? • In the case of a disaster, which parties share the fault? What motivated parties to act as they did? • In the case of a bug, what kind of professional error allowed this to happen? • If you have theories, defend them. If you have questions, list them. “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Get Expert Help at an Amazing Discount!”  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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