Draw the following diagram for the above mentioned case study a. Draw a context diagram…

Anatomy 19591731February 19, 2021Write a two to three page paper that summarizes the datasetprovided to you. Please include the folloFebruary 19, 2021Question 1i. Draw the following diagram for the above mentioned case studya. Draw a context diagram ( 10 marks )b. Draw a DFD ( 15 marks )c. Draw level 1 diagram ( 15 marks )ii. Draw the entity-relationship diagram for the above scenario (10 marks )Question 2A wide variety of formats, templates and methods exist for preparing feasibility study reports(FSRs). Search the Web to see what tools and techniques you can find. Find two examples toassist you in answering the following questions (20 marks)a. Describe the two formats that you have found and their sources. ( 2 marks )b. Compare the two different formats that you found to each other. What are some of thedifferences? ( 4 marks )c. Do you think there is one format with clear-cut advantages over the other? If so,describewhich one, and why you feel it is better. ( 4 marks )d. Create what you believe to be the ideal FSR template for an organisation. ( 10 marks “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Get Expert Help at an Amazing Discount!”  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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