Interpersonal Communication

Paper 1: Concept and Theory Exploration, Integration, and Synthesis.  All papers should be 2-3 pages in length, double spaced, and should include a title page and refence page.  The title and reference pages are not included in the page limit.

For the first paper, pick 1-2 concepts from the Relational Perspective reading (I suggest using the system tenets or pragmatic principles) and 1-2 concepts from Chapter 1 of the Wood text (I suggest using the concepts from the Features of Interpersonal Communication section and/or the Principles of Interpersonal Communication section).

Your paper should have 5 distinct sections.

Introduction: Preview your paper and provide an introduction to what the paper will accomplish.
Main Body:

Exploration. Identify the concepts you will be working with.  Define the concepts using definitions from the text and readings.  Explain the concepts in your own words and provide an example that illustrates and demonstrates your understanding of them.

Integration. Explain how the various concepts are related to each other.  You might examine how they are similar, different, or how they build (or not build) on each other. Comparing and contrasting concepts may illustrate strengths and weaknesses of each or uncover how they can be combined to create new understanding.

Synthesis. Provide a practical application of the concepts that helps you understand relationships. You can apply the concepts to your own relationships, relationships you have observed in person, or a movie, tv show, or any other media stream.  The application should provide evidence of your mastery of the concepts.

Conclusion: Summarize the main findings or “news” explicated in your paper.
Rubric For more information on Interpersonal Communication read this:

Interpersonal Communication

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