This assignment concerns database conceptual modeling (enhanced ER

Informationregarding Assignment:This assignment concerns database conceptual modeling (enhanced ERmodeling). It will be marked out of 10 and will contribute 10% towards yourfinal grade. The description of the Problem domain is given below.Please note that no late submission is permitted. For any medicalreason that you cannot submit on time, you can apply for special considerationbeforehand.page1image12552.png¬page1image12712.png ¬page1image12872.png¬page1image13032.png ¬page1image13192.png¬page1image13352.png ¬page1image13512.png¬1) Problem SpecificationsThe City of Winterfell (in Kingdom of North) ruled by Ned Stark is introuble. Cersei Lannister, the evil queen of Seven Kindoms cast a spell (I knowthis is not Harry Potter-Just go with the flow) that erased all the informationthat was stored in the servers across Winterfell. After casting a protectivespell on Winterfell, Ned Stark has decided to reconstruct the databases and hehires a team of database designers and developers and – Guess what? You’rehired.You are involved with a project that involves designing andconstructing a database for all the cinemas in Winterfell. Although all thedata was lost, Ned Stark’s son (Rob Stark) who owns a cinema himself manages toprovide you a set of information regarding the working of Cinemas acrossWinterfell. This is what is given to you:WORKINGOF CINEMAS. 1) There are various cinemas acrossWinterfell. The Cinemas could be contacted using Email and Phone numberprovided on their website
(Think about Event Cinemas, Hoyts Cinemas, etc and relate to those asyou go along).. 2) These Cinemas have differentbranches which screen the movies (Think about how Event Cinemas has a cinema atMQ Shopping Centre). 3) The Cinema usually provides thefollowing information about Movies: Name, Year Released, Language,Classification (PG/MA etc). 4) Every Cinema has specific numberof screens and there is a particular seating capacity for every screen. 5) The screen is usually added to aroster and that’s how a schedule of which screens display what movies arerecorded.
BOOKINGS BYCUSTOMERS. 1) Customers can go online or makea booking in-queue in the cinemas. 2) Whilst making a booking(onlineand in-queue), the information about the customer
(Name, Address, Phone Number) are savedfor any future reference. 3) If Customer decides to obtain amembership, other information like email address,
credit card details are also saved. 4) All cinemas offer memberships- everymembership incurs a monthly fee and offers a
discount for every booking. 5) Customers can book a more thanone seat while making a booking.. 6) If a customer decides to make anin-queue booking, employee id gets recorded in the
booking details.. 7) Employee details are recordedtoo by the Cinemas (Name, Address, Contact number,
etc)Aftergiving the above information, Rob Stark left to fight a battle leaving you withoptions to make your own assumptions (he is a network-free battlefield). If youare making assumptions, list them down in an AppendixSection.page2image23888.png¬page2image24048.png ¬2) Task Specifications1) Task one (8 marks)Construct an Enhanced E-R model for the above case using any drawingtools. Also, justify the use of generalization/specialisation, weak entitytypes, and attributes on relationships. List each entity and explain why youhave designed it that way. Also specify the key and participation constraintsfor each relationship set. (Around 300 words-you could use a table if you want)2) Task two (2 marks)Each Customer can utmost make 3 bookings a day. How would you expressthis constraint in the EERdiagram? If you cannot express it, explain briefly.(Around 100 words)3) Instructions on what to SubmitYou are required to submit bothanelectronic copy as well as a hard copy of your assignment by the due date.1) CoversheetPlease include a coversheet with the following information in bothsubmissions.. 1) Student ID, First Name, LastName. 2) Tutorial No, Tutorial Time (Eg:Thu 5pm), Name of your tutor (Full Name please) [Check
ilearn page for details about yourtutorials]2) Electronic SubmissionYou must submit all the work in a single WORD document namedAssignment1.doc.Theelectronic submission site is on ilearn Assignment1 — >Assignment1 Submission.With the EER diagram, you need to use Snipping tool and take a snap ofthe EER diagram, paste it in the word document (use Landscape mode if yourimage doesn’t fit in the page). NO POWERDESIGNER FILES PLEASE. “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Get Expert Help at an Amazing Discount!”  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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