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Essay about this topic: Dan Walnycky : (1990) AT&T telephone lines went dead across the country…February 19, 2021Theories surrounding leaders and leadership continue to advance/develop as the complexity, scope…February 19, 2021Write a report on current trends on technological innovation and disruptive technologies. Identifyfew examples of current trends in technological innovation and then focus the report on oneinnovation in detail. You must be able to identify and synthesise relevant information. You shouldexamine and critically evaluate the most relevant, recent and scholarly research on a topic (in thiscase, current trends on technological innovation). Write the report by following the structure like anessay: an introduction, a series of body paragraphs, and a conclusion.In this assessment, you will have to complete the following tasks:a. In the introduction, you will have to define innovation, technological innovation, currenttechnological trends and emerging technological trends in business. Identify examples ofcurrent technological trends and emerging technological trends on technological innovationand describe in brief about those trends. You can provide many examples.b. In the body of the paragraphs, you will have to identify one current trend of your choice anddiscuss in detail about that technological innovation. For this part of the assessments, youwill have to conduct literature search from current and credible resources to describe onelatest innovative technology useful for business information system. “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Get Expert Help at an Amazing Discount!”  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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