Managing Communication Issues Paper

Communication can be a challenge as there are many variables to consider. In order to manage workplace communication effectively, you need to understand how communication works within the various criminal justice entities.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you discuss communication problems that occur in the following:

1.   External environment, such as media or the public;

2.   Criminal justice agencies;

3.   Explain how the communication issues may be resolved for each environment; and

4.   Include how technology can play a role in facilitating or hindering communication in each environment.

Make each of the 4 assignment topics above a Level 1 Section Heading in your paper so your key points are easy to find. Remember to write a strong introduction paragraph and a strong conclusion paragraph, both being separate from the discussion of the 5 topics above.

Review the INSTRUCTOR’S RESEARCH STANDARDS in Day 1 announcements. Your grade depends on compliance with the research standards. This paper and all papers require research in all topics each and every week, even if the paper is a case study, and must meet minimum Research Standards.


Submit your assignment.

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