Perspective on Poverty

Assignment Sheet: One Perspective Essay
Format: MLA
Length: 2-3 pages
Now that you have selected a topic, you will need to find and explore one perspective on the issue. This means that your source must take a stance on the issue.  A news article that reports events or a book review will not serve the purposes of this paper. You will need to find a source that argues a point.  It will likely be one source; however, if you have two sources that offer similar perspectives you might include both. 
In this paper you must incorporate summary, paraphrase and quotations.
    Summary: Key points of essay in your own words
    Paraphrase: A focused rephrasing of a particular passage
    Quotations: Words from the author (should be in “nuggets”)

In most cases long quotes, especially block quotes, are too excessive for a summary.  
I will be looking for a proper introduction to the piece and a clear concise explanation of the source.  Please provide a works cited page as well. For more information on Perspective on Poverty read this:

Perspective on Poverty

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