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621-D8Q1 – The Nursing TermPaperFebruary 20, 2021Choose a topic on specific biological impact of climate change (e.g. impact on a particular species or ecosystem) OR a biological approach for addressing a factor (or factors) promoting climate change and at least Select a topic, locating sources, and proposing an overall structure for your paper.Provide a title that is clear and reflects the purpose of the review State in 1-2 sentences which specific effect you plan to write aboutState in 1-2 sentences how you plan to structure your review paper (what sections are you planning to include in your review paper? You must list at least 3 aspects you plan to discuss). State in 1-2 sentences what your preliminary research suggests about your topic Provide a list of 5 references (formatted following APA guidelines (Links to an external site.)) you plan to use to write your paper. All sources should be peer-reviewed articles published within the last 10 years Of your 5 sources, at least 3 must be primary research articles.You may only use up to 2 reviews. This does not mean you must use reviews, this means that you have the option to use up to 2 reviews, but you may NOT use more than 2 reviews, regardless of the total number of sources you include. You may choose to use less than 2 reviews but the total number of sources must still be at least 5. “Looking for a Similar Assignment? Get Expert Help at an Amazing Discount!”  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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