Foundations Of Medical Admin Mod 5

determine whether vegetarian pregnant women are at greater risk from low zinc levels than are non-vegetarian pregnant womenFebruary 21, 2021Discussion 19938361February 21, 2021 Read the scenario below and complete what follows.ScenarioYou just accepted a role as medical administrator at a podiatrist medical office. There are many responsibilities associated with this position including managing the office, patient registration, insurance verification/referrals, and scheduling following up appointments. As you navigate through your first day at work, the waiting room is full and a patient with a severe foot infection is seeking treatment without an appointment. As part of your new position and responsibilities, you will be required to review, assess, and participate in all medical administrative duties that will support this patient.As the new medical administrator, you have will complete an encounter form of the new patient with a severe foot infection.Complete the steps below: Patients Information in EHR System Describe the process for entering the patient’s information in the Electronic Health Record. Summarize the importance of this process being accurate Appointment Follow-up Outline the steps for following-up with the patient after their appointment Identify Patient Waiting Room Improvements Outline improvements that should be made to the waiting room that help assist the patients Describe Patient Relation Improvement Techniques and Policy Creation Summarize the policies the office should have for patient’s without appointments, managing patients’ wait time, and registering patients Do you need a similar assignment done for you from scratch? We have qualified writers to help you. We assure you an A+ quality paper that is free from plagiarism. Order now for an Amazing Discount!Use Discount Code “Newclient” for a 15% Discount!NB: We do not resell papers. Upon ordering, we do an original paper exclusively for you.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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