Relations between South Korea and North Korea

[ad_1] In the latter portion of the course we are going to consider a number of contemporary issues in international relations. Some of them are extremely broad (international political economics, war), others are just somewhat extremely broad (nuclear proliferation, terrorism). Either way, we are only going to scratch the surface of these issues. I would […]

My Cultural Culinary Analysis

[ad_1] Assignment Brief First Choose a simple recipe. The recipe should be a signature (or favourite) dish that defines your cultural origins (or a culture that you identify yourself with). Second Record yourself (or ask someone to record you) cooking the recipe you’ve chosen. Please choose ingredients that you have access to in a safe […]

Memo on Sustainability Management

[ad_1] THE ASSIGNMENT IS TO WRITE A MEMO ON THE SOBEY CASE. By 2013, Sobey’s Inc., one of Canada`s largest food retailers, had initiated a number of programs to reduce its environmental footprint and to try to meet the public’s expectations that business should address such sustainability issues as waste management, genetically modified products and […]