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Ethics and the Role of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) 8115

Posted on April 5, 2021

Your course text Research Methods for Criminal Justice and Criminology describes three “illustrative cases” in Chapter 3: (a) Trouble in the Tearoom and (b) The Stanford Prison Experiment. You may wish to investigate both of these studies more thoroughly.

In this Discussion, you will examine the role of the IRB, your responsibilities for ensuring that you design an ethical study, and the ways in which you can reduce or eliminate ethical challenges. To prepare for this Discussion, review the Dissertation and Ethics resources listed for the week.


Explain the role of the IRBExplain ethical problems you might experience if you were to conduct research on your identified topic of research.Analyze the impact of these potential ethical challenges. How might participants be affected, for example?Devise ways you might address these ethical challenges to the IRB to ensure integrity in the research process.Analyze the ethical values you hold that underlie your response.

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