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The Social Context of Human Sexuality: Challenges of sexuality faced in later life.List and discuss key challenges (For example, physical, psychological, or social) related to sexuality that people face in later life.April 5, 2021Post an analysis of what you think is the most pertinent health care policy issue with the potential to transform the way health care is delivered. Futurescan: Issues Affecting the Health Care SystemApril 5, 2021The Business plan will include a brand brief, positioning brief, creative brief and final summation. The use of all of the elements possible, and the use of these to set off the “ sensory trigger” must be covered in the brief sections and summation. Take an existing brand in fashion and develop a brand extension, aimed at a new target market for the parent brand. he student will have to cover the brand architecture of this new brand, and how it is to be positioned against the other brands in the parent company’s family of brands. the student would have to define the line of apparel that would have to be created for the targeted market, the inspiration, the trends, the price points and type of potential retailing channels. Sketches or pictures would give further definition to the look and feel of the line. conclude how this brand will be successful in both brand equity and give a return on the firm’s investment. This summation will be further defended because of the extensive use of tangible elements and the intangible images in the mind, as conveyed to the targeted consumer. The plan should establish the continuity and coherence of the brand’s message throughout each “ touch point” that has been created.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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