Identification of an advanced practice nursing issue or practice problem of concern

Topic: Best wound care approach for patients with foot ulcers(Or it can be a different topic, but needs to be approved first)During this lesson, you will use the PICOT questioning format/formula to develop an answerable research question. All elements are listed below:• P: Population/disease (age, gender, ethnicity, disorder)• I: Intervention or variable of interest (exposure to a disease, risk behavior, prognostic factor)• C: Comparison (a placebo or “business as usual” such as no disease, absence of risk factor, or prognostic factor B)• O: Outcome (risk of disease, accuracy of a diagnosis, rate of occurrence of adverse outcome)• T: Time (the time it takes to demonstrate an outcome; e.g., the time it takes for the intervention to achieve an outcome or how long participants are observed)prepare an evidence-based practice (EBP) presentation on a topic of your choice that is relevant to advanced nursing practice education, leadership, quality improvement, or changeYour presentation should include:1. Identification of an advanced practice nursing issue or practice problem of concern2. Design a research question using the PICOT format3. A brief literature review and findings related to best practices with at least three scholarly resources cited in APA (6th ed.) format4. Plan, Do, Study, Act Process that could be used5. Any implications that the investigation might have for nursing practiceRubric:The presentation includes an appropriate topic identification related to an advanced practice nursing issue or practice problem of concern. The topic is clearly stated in the introduction, developed and explained well through the literature review, and there is an appropriate conclusion statement.PICOT Question DesignPopulation is fully defined and present in the research question. Includes specific interventions, identifies comparisons, and presents appropriate outcomes in a timely manner for the question. Overall, a well-built question using the PICOT method.Literature ReviewIncludes a brief overview of the literature in the presentation and includes relevant details.Plan/Do/Study/Act ProcessPresentation includes a description of the study, study design, rationale, and inclusion of sampling information that the student is using.Implications to NursingThe significance and applicability to nursing is included and well presented.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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