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YEAR 8TEHAMA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLENGLISH FIRST LANGUAGEPAPER 2APRIL 2021WRITING EXAMMARKS: 40INSTRUCTIONS:This question paper consists of TWO sections.Answer ONE question from each section.Indicate clearly which topic you have chosen in EACH section.Provide your written piece with a title.Stick to the required amount of words for each section.Indicate clearly how many words you have written for each piece.Make sure your written piece has an introduction, a body of paragraphs and a conclusion.Write neatly and legibly.Marks are deducted for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.Marks will be deducted for late submission.SECTION A: ESSAY / LONGER PIECE OF WRITINGChoose ONE of the following topics:Length: 350 – 400 wordsDESCRIPTIVE ESSAYChoose a place you have been recently that you want to visit again.Say where this place is and describe what it is like there.Describe why you like this place.Describe images, sights, sounds and smells of this place.Give reasons why you want to visit this place again.ORDon’t use plagiarized sources. Get Your Custom Essay onMental Health Of CollegeJust from $13/PageNARRATIVE ESSAYWrite a story about an experience that you think, has only happened to you!25 marksSECTION B: SHORTER PIECE OF WRITINGChoose ONE of the following topics.Length: 200 – 250 wordsLETTERYou are going on a family holiday but your brother / sister cannot join the group.Your parents have said you can invite a friend instead.Write a letter to your friend inviting him / her to join you on holiday with your family.In your letter you should:Explain why your brother / sister is unable to go.Describe where you are going.Mention what you intend doing on the holiday.Say why your friend should come along.ORDIALOGUEYour parents have plans of what career job you should do one day and where you should study. You have a different idea of what you want to become.Construct the dialogue between you and your parent / parents about your different dreams.In your dialogue you should:Inform them about your idea.Try to convince them about your new choice.Come to some sort of conclusion about your future.15 marksFor more information on Mental Health Of College read this:

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