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strategic plan process

Posted on April 5, 2021

Yes at first glance the strategy change cycle approach method of formatting a strategic plan process is what I would use and suggest if tasked.This management process allows the planning and what and how is needed to implement the plan. This is an ongoing process and when managing it you must remain flexible. It shows that you are committed to the mission and vision of the company.After agreeing on the planning process: identify any mandates, clarify your mission and values , do a SWOT analysis, then identify and manage issues.Now the fun part begins, make the plan. Change and adopt any changes to the vision established, adopt the plan and set up a team to reassess the plan.All of these aspects make it appealing to me, It allows the interests of internal and external stakeholders to be met. Keeps the company moving forward. A good analogy for this is found on your car. Your windshield is large and your rear view mirror is small. It allows you to look back and learn what has passed you but to always look at the bigger picture in front of you.

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