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Ma Dis 6April 6, 2021LAW ARTICLE REVIEWApril 6, 2021Hello Please follow all the instructions in the attachment. Here is some questions may hep you for the writing: Q1- Did the assessment requires to include cover page? Please refer to the Guidelines in doing the CW. Most importantly you are not to put your name on the assignment. Cover page containing List of Content is not required. Q2- Should we choose our organization such as combinations in oil field or we can in general? As you are required to state your thesis statement/argument statement it is definitely possible for you to focus on what kind of organization or even angle you are planning to address the title. Bottom line as I have mentioned in class, please ensure you provide enough examples and evidence to support your information. Q3- How can we choose the appropriate online sites or articles for the topic? Are there some sites not acceptable such as Wikipedia?! Please vary your sources from online journals, books etc. I don’t put restriction on Wikipedia as one of the sources to be used. Q4- Is possible/ useful to add the impacts of COVID-19 in external & internal communication ?   this goes back to Q2 as you can choose the angle of which you want to address the topic as long as you are discussing them with the title parameters and answering all the items stated in the segments (intro,body and conclusion segments stated in the CW) I need it within 4 days. Thank you   “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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