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Find two consecutive even integers such that three times the first equals twice the second.April 8, 2021Purpose:Demonstrate understanding of economic thinking,  concepts and models to address solutions to  problems/issues in society using an economic lens.  Task:With the help of your topic paragraph,  sources researched, outline and infographic,  write a five to seven page analytical paper that ties in your research with the economic concepts,  thinking and theories we have learned this quarter.  Criteria:1. Submitted as a file in Canvas Assignments.2.  Use 12 pt font and double spaced. Length will be no less than five pages and no more than seven pages (excluding the citation page). Please follow APA citation format. Files should be saved and uploaded as word documents or .pdf files3. Include  sources for your paper and include a citations page using APA citation stylecourse readings (Naked Economics and/or The Economy)ii) minimum six sources and can include journalistic, podcasts, videos, academic or primary data sites.  These may be the sources you submitted in your annotated bibliography but can include more.4. Use of  “BOLD” to highlight economic terminology from your textbook but define in your own words5. Title your paper.  The title should be clever and also give the reader an idea of what your paper will be about.7. Reference your infographic  in the body of your paper. Your infographic  does not count towards paper length but should be included with your paper. 8. Please review school policy on plagiarism and review handout “Avoiding Plagiarism…” by the BCC writing lab. Cite all sources9. There will be a late penalty of one letter grade of the assignment value per day10. Have fun with it! Be an economic detective and provide an informed solution to our current problem.  With your research and learning this quarter,  you earned it.   ????Criteria for success: Make a checklist  and complete all  the above 10 criteria!  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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