A brief identification of the social, ethical, cultural, and economic dimensions of the policy/policy issue

Why did you select this decision? Support your response with evidence and references to the Learning Resources. What were you hoping to achieve by making this decision?April 9, 2021Directions Write a paper analyzing the topic/bill selected and approved in Written Assignment 3. Your paper should satisfy the following requirements: It should be no longer than 4000 words in length (no longer than 15 pages). It should contain a minimum of eight references with at least four from scholarly sources such as journals and professional organization websites, including the government. It should be documented in APA format. It should contain the following elements: A full identification of the bill and a short description of the policy and policy issue the bill addresses An indication of where the bill is in the legislative process, indicating an understanding of the policy-making process, with supporting evidence An explanation of how the policy can or did become a priority on the political/legislative agenda as well as identification of the stage of the policy in terms of formulation and/or implementation Identification of the key stakeholders involved in this policy and how they might influence it A discussion of the likelihood the bill will pass, accompanied by your reasoning based on information from national or state government websites A brief identification of the social, ethical, cultural, and economic dimensions of the policy/policy issue The expected future of this policy/policy issue in terms of improving the health and well-being of U.S. citizens as well as its impact on the nursing profession A plan for policy implementation A plan for evaluation and ideas for modification of the policy issue A description of the role nursing and collaboration with other disciplines will play in ensuring that this policy/policy issue is properly implemented and evaluated so that it may achieve its desired impact and add value to U.S. healthcare A discussion of ways nurses can play a leadership role in health policy formation Please note that both APA format and writing mechanics receive more grading weight in this assignment than in earlier assignments, reflecting higher expectations.   “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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