Courageous Faith

Week Seven Discussion Board Thread Instructions
I do not have a book for this class.

After reading the selected chapters in Courageous Faith by Ed Hindson (chapters 12 and 13) determine the chapter that you would like to write about this week and identify the following items:

3 key ideas from the chapter on this character in Courageous Faith.
2 things you learned about this character from your reading in Courageous Faith.
1 way you can use what you have learned from your reading on this character in Courageous Faith.
Once you have identified these items compose a thread of at least 400 words that not only states but also explains each of these items. Your thread should contain at least one quote from Courageous Faith to support the thoughts and ideas you are presenting your thread. For more information on Courageous Faith read this:

Courageous Faith

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