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cultural heritage – Nursing AssignmentApril 9, 2021One of the most notable sea disasters occurred with the sinking of the Titanic on Monday, April 15, 1912. The…April 9, 2021 In prior weeks we discussed correlation and how to calculate it, now we will look at how other doctoral students like you used it in their design. Review the correlational design in the CDS Dissertation Guide and the Dissertation Template Review the assumptions for correlation. Assumptions of Correlation Sample Dissertation Guide will be shared separately.Sample Dissertation Template will be shared separately Locate at least one prior doctoral dissertation, published between 2018-2020 (be sure the dissertation mirrors the template above) that used a correlational design: Please find attached. Identify the Research Questions in Chapters 1, 3, 4, and 5; Nature of the Study in Chapter 1; Population and Sample in Chapter 1 and 3; Data Analysis (plan) in Chapters 3; the Data Analysis and Results in Chapter 4; and the Recommendations for Future Research in Chapter 5. Discuss the following in your paper: 1) What was the method used and why was it the best method? 2) What was the design and why was it the best design? 3) What were the research questions, the null and the alternative hypotheses? 4) What was the data analysis plan? 5) How was the sample size calculated? Was it adequate to draw the conclusions the researcher did? 6) What descriptive and inferential statistics did the researcher use? 7) How was the data reported in Chapter 4? 8) What are the recommendations for future research? How might you use them to support your dissertation? Write a 1000-1500-word paper that discusses the concepts provided. Analyze and Explain the major assumptions and application of a correlational design and compare what the researcher did. Did the researcher follow the CDS Dissertation Guide, the major assumptions, and uses for a correlational design? Is there anything you would have done differently? Include references on both the method/design features and the relevant content. Include in-text citations in the narrative of the text and the reference list at the end of the paper. For the reference list, include only references that are included in the text (not all references that are reviewed). Format your paper according to APA guidelines, include intext citations and a reference page.  “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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